Neem Shield Tick & Flea Spray | Repellent Spray for Dogs, Puppies, Cats

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  1. NEEM BASED SPRAY In the world of Ayurveda, NEEM is a popular medicinal herb that's been a part of traditional remedies since many centuries. Neem is considered as an elixir for it’s therapeutic properties. It consists of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore it not only kills the ticks but also cures the inflammation caused by them. The Ayurveda herb is nutrient-rich and has potent properties that provide medicinal benefits in protecting/reducing the risk of infections, itching & dermatitis from insect bites and other skin problems. It’s a natural way to prevent skin infections and improve the overall condition of the skin. Say yes to organic Neem shampoo! POTENT INSECT REPELLENT We enriched our natural dog shampoo formula with Lemongrass – the potent natural repellent of parasites that is already used in numerous anti-insect products. Besides its anti-tick and flea properties, it gives a citrusy scent to the shampoo and refreshes your dog’s coat. Improve your dog care with organic pet shampoo. COMPLETELY SAFE FOR YOUR PET Our hypoallergenic shampoo is carefully made without the use of harmful chemicals, phosphate and suphate. Say yes to a natural treatment that ensures effective and natural cleansing with protection. It’s your perfect flea & tick repellent shampoo to treat your canine friend. And with NEEM and LEMONGRASS, you will allow your dog a spa-like treatment at your home.

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