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We’re on a mission to solve everyday problems for pets and their owners

Dogz & Dudez was founded to make life for pets and their parents more

comfortable, convenient and affordable. As pet owners ourselves, all our

products are solutions to problems faced by our own furry buddies. We believe

all animals deserve a healthy, happy and safe life. — This is our journey from

concerned pet parents to industry leaders on herbal products for our furry


Being an Animal lover and especially a Dog lover, seeing an animal happy,

comfortable and content has always given me tremendous joy and relief. But

never did I realize, that this feeling of compassion could turn into a business one


It all began with a problem…

A problem that most dog and cat parents can relate to - TICKS & FLEAS

My pet dog ‘Teddy Singh’ was suffering from the very common problem of

Ticks and Fleas. Given the hot and humid weather of Mumbai city, ticks and

fleas can be almost impossible to get rid off. Especially without exposing your

pet’s fur and skin to harsh chemical treatments.

Just like any other Pet Parent, I tried all the pet products available in the market

to get rid of teddy’s tick problem, but to my surprise nothing helped. Being the

nature lover I am, I thought why not try something I would to solve my personal

grooming problems – use NATURAL INGREDIENTS found in our kitchen

and garden. Being a fan of traditional Indian home remedies - Neem has been a

constant in my life for a lot of problems and I knew what it was capable of. So I

decided to try it on Teddy as well. Having read about its pesticidal and

insecticidal properties I did believe it could do wonders with the problem we

(teddy and I) were facing.

So I then decided to get Neem Leaves from my garden, boiled them in a pot of

water, once these leaves unlocked all their beneficial/medicinal properties in the

water, I let the water cool down and then bathe teddy with this magical water

and Voila – I saw wonders. The only glitch – the whole process took me around

4 hours which I know not all pet parents would be willing to dedicate for a

weekly bath of their pets.

And from thereon, a new chapter of consistent research to resolve pet problems

using our traditional Indian Natural/Ayurveda remedies started in my life. I

named this new chapter of my life as – DOGZ & DUDEZ. This is how my

startup came into existence and…

We launched our star product - Dogz & Dudez Neem Shampoo for fighting

Ticks & Fleas.

As longstanding proponents of Ayurvedic remedies, We at Dogz and Dudez

wanted to find an all natural solution to replace potentially harmful fur-care

products. So we teamed up with local veterinary institutes to develop a safer

solution for tick and flea problems. The result was a shampoo both affordable

and easy to use for pet parents on a daily basis.

The response we received for this product from dog and cat owners blew us

away. We received messages from people telling how happy their furry buddy

was after getting rid of their itchy problem. It proved to us how much pet

parents are searching for natural remedies for their four-legged companions.

The Amazing response and reviews from our customers gave us the validation

and confidence that we are moving in the right direction.

We at Dogz & Dudez are constantly trying to bridge gaps like these in the

market, where the problem persists despite of a number of products being

available to solve these everyday problems – our only aim is to provide the right

solution for such problems without bothering to go to the Vet.

We care more about pets than profits

Dogz & Dudez was founded to serve Pets, Pet Parents and our Planet. We have

stayed true to that commitment when we launched India’s first biodegradable

poop bags. Cleaning up after one’s Dog’s poop is not practiced in our country.

Dog waste is very high in nitrogen and phosphorus, and full of diseases causing

bacteria and parasites. These bacteria and parasites are harmful to humans and

spreads diseases to other dogs and, therefore, can be harmful for yourself, pets

and other humans residing in the vicinity. The practice of leaving the pet poop

unattended by pet parents, also irks others who do not own dogs and are hence

against people having pets. We did not want our furry companions to be a

problem for others or not to be a part of our lives.

So to create awareness about environmentally sensitive ways to clean after your

dog, we sold our biodegradable bags cost-to-cost. Instead of earning a profit, we

made the eco-friendly option cheaper than the overpriced plastic bags sold in

retail stores. Like all our products, our poop bags remains highly competitively

priced to encourage the eco-friendly choice.

From Vets to Pets

Today, our in-house veterinary doctors guarantee that our products are safe for

both pets and the planet. By having our own R&D team, manufacturing facility

and testing capacity, we can keep manufacturing costs down. By offering all our

products directly to our customers through our online store, we offer all natural,

proven products at affordable prices.

The success of Dogz & Dudez comes down to one thing; RESEARCH. We

spend the time and resources to develop and test our products before being

offered through our web shop. We make sure every product solves a real

problem effectively, safely, and conveniently. In other words, Dogz & Dudez

stands for products you can buy with a clean conscience at a great price. —

Caring for your four-legged friends and the planet we share, have never been simpler!

Join our journey to keep animals happy, comfortable and healthy on


“I have always worked on this mantra…. Me being a pet parent myself, if there

is a solution I am looking for, I know there are many others looking for the

same. To all our consumers, I just want you to know that I feel you, I am in your

shoes and that we all are sailing in the same boat! Being our customer, Teddy

and I welcome you to our family at DOGZ & DUDEZ!”

- Founder, Dogz & Dudez